America is sending mixed messages, but what’s new right?

What’s new is that it’s time to start challenging the messages we’re receiving and begin to do some free-thinking of our own.

The tradition of U.S. culture has been to generalize and convey the Black community a certain way, just as many other groups of people have also been generalized. The truth is that prejudice is engrained in our ideologies and while it is seemingly unavoidable, it is a habit that can be broken.

2014-15 can easily be marked as the second coming of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Millennials are shining through it all. A conversation has started and it’s being discussed in a multitude of voices, skin tones, and artistries. This blog aims to highlight this cultural upheaval and all the great things that are coming along with it.

What you’ll find here

Reclaiming Black  features posts related to Black Millenials finding themselves and redefining how the Black community is portrayed.

Civil Rights 2.0 Anything and everything I can get posted related to the New Civil Rights Movement.

Freewrites Enter my personal journey through writing related to my own self-discovery and definition in relation to being bi-racial and overly reflective.

About the Writer

At 24 years of age, I have no clear idea of what my future holds. I recently graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Journalism and academic focus in African-American studies. My years in college feel like my glory days, but I’m confident that was just the beginning.

I have a two-year-old daughter; she is my light and love and brings a lot of motivation to the work I do. People of color/women of color carry a huge weight on their shoulders. By the time she’s on her way to college I want that weight to be as light as possible, if not non-existent.

I always enjoyed writing and encouraging others to find their voice, which has lead me to emphasize the importance of being educated whether that comes from a traditional classroom, or a worldly one.


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