What Does Justice Look Like for Black Americans

The questions of how can Black Americans receive Justice, or what does Justice for Black Americans look like are questions that a White America doesn’t want to answer.

In a judicial system, when justice is served it means a punishment has been found to fit the crime. How do we find a punishment that fit crimes against humanity, crimes against a specific group of people?

There is no valid argument against the fact that Black people today are still feeling the effects of an institutional mindset that originally enslaved them. Black people experience higher rates of poverty, lower quality education in neighborhoods predominately of color, serve as targets of the criminal justice system, all things that have been established in ways that hold them back from socioeconomic progress; how do Black people get Justice and who’s going to step up and pay that tab?

Check out the video below in which Black student/alum activists shared their thoughts and explained that Justice for the Black community is going to be more than tangible retribution.

For questions or more information regarding the participants and the participating organizations, feel free to shoot me an email!

I hope this video left you feeling empowered and motivated to take action. Got feedback? Drop it in the comments section below!


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