3 Reasons Why Non-Black People Shouldn’t Say The N-Word

To cut straight to the point, no think piece needed, here are 3 reasons why non-Black people shouldn’t say the N-Word:

1. You’re

2. Not

3. Black

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? For a while I was very unsure about the N-Word and it’s usage; who should use it, who shouldn’t use it, and why. Well I read a piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates, that put it plainly: His father’s name is William and also went by Billy, and Coates calls him dad; if a stranger were to call William “dad” it would be strange, and if Coates were to call his father Billy it may be bad for him. It’s all about culture and context, there are unwritten rules within larger cultures and even smaller ones all the way down to family units and individual relationships, that dictate who can say what and why.

For a much better explanation that what I just gave, check out the actual piece here: In Defense of a Loaded Word

Also, if you don’t want to read and/or that didn’t convince you here’s a short video by Jay Smooth: The Last Word on the “N-Word”

Oh & Free Downloads!

In efforts to keep this post light, here are two visuals for you to use for yourself or with people who don’t know about the rules of using the N-Word. Feel free to share on your networks *and/or post them around your neighborhood and schools (:nwordrules_webnword quiz


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