“What would the world be like without Black people?”..

… That’s how the Jubilee Project opened up their PSA-style video about how America views and interacts with Black culture.

It’s brilliant because it hits home amidst this Civil a Rights War the Black community is in the thick of.

What would the world look like without Black people?

Something interesting about the responses featured was how people answered with how White they thought things would look or how musically-deprived people would be. It just shows how influential our culture really is.

The question wasn’t about if there were no people of color, just no Black people yet the answers given provided insight into how Black vs. White the issue of race in America is. That alone is a strong indicator of the Black community’s influence and just how disenfranchised this same community is in relation to other groups.

More importantly Black people shared their stories about growing up in America.

It was great to watch people answer as honestly as they did and this question should be asked and discussed on a bigger scale.

I highly suggest taking the 5 minutes out of your day to check this video out and share if you can.


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